The Outcry at Oracle

Wow. I have never been a part of anything like that. It felt 100x more awkward than I’m sure you feel watching the video, though I unfortunately didn’t get a close-up of Joe Lacob’s face during the incident.

I’m sure the reverberations from Occupy Oracle will be felt for months (and years?) to come, but I don’t really know what is going to happen, or what to think. I guess 5 hours isn’t enough perspective to digest 36 years of history (since the last Warriors title).

I was compiling Tweets that I thought were interesting, but then Truehoop went and did the same damn thing. Great blogs think alike? Regardless, here’s what I’ve been thinking:

Awesome: Spontaneous booing of David Stern starts the Mullin video tribute.

— Geoff Lepper (@geofflepper) March 20, 2012

Feel bad for Lacob, but grabbing the mic during Mully Night was a worse idea than amnestying Charlie Bell. What did he think would happen?

— Bill Simmons (@sportsguy33) March 20, 2012

Television cannot do justice to just how loud Oracle booed

— Ethan Strauss (@SherwoodStrauss) March 20, 2012

#GSW fans booing Lacob need to remember … this night NEVER would have happened under Cohan’s ownership. #GSW

— Geoff Lepper (@geofflepper) March 20, 2012


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