Diss Guys Miss Guys, Volume 5

Diss Guy – Mitch ‘Are you kidding me? Seriously? Mother Fuckin’ Kupchak

I guess we can just go ahead and give him the Executive Of The Year Award now after he traded what amounted to be his dirty laundry (the whites, Dude) for the services of Dwight Howard. However, it wouldn’t be fair to give Kupchak ALL the credit. A hearty slap in the face is most certainly owed to Magic GM Rob Hennigan for his outstanding role in this transaction. What a Dwightastrophe!

As sickened as I am by all this mess, I’m left at the end of the day shaking my head and fist and thinking aloud to myself….Mitch Kupchak, you one baaaaaad dude. What else can I do but tip my cap to the best GM in the league? As if using his voodoo powers to bring Pau to LA in 2008 wasn’t enough, he managed to snipe Dwight away from Orlando by offering up a package WORSE than Brooklyn and H-Town. I’m highly considering writing in his name for Commander in Chief come November.

Miss Guy – Nic Batum

Nicolas Batum punched Juan Carlos Navarro in the balls. Let me clarify: Nicolas Batum punched Juan Carlos Navarro in the balls.

See what I mean? He totally just punched Jaun Carlos Navarro in the balls. I’m not quite sure what else I can say. The GIF speaks for itself (and what a glorious GIF it is). Batum claims that the FIBA officials were not correctly calling the game due to the Spaniards incessant flopping. He decided it was time to take things into his own hands. So he took his hands, made a fist, and punched Juan Carlos Navarro in the balls. If that doesn’t qualify you as a Miss Guy for the week I don’t know what does, but at least it gives us a chance to remember some other great French moments in International play.


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