Jeremy Lin Crowned: Super Lintendo

Our Linsanity Nickname Bracket is finally over, having succumbed to a slow death over the last few weeks.

Early on, our spirits were buoyed by being smack dab in the middle of Linsanity, and so were the rest of you if vote totals are any judge. But just like the Knicks, who ran into the toughest part of their schedule and killed Lin-fever, we here at The Diss. hit a wall. #Linsanity just wasn’t interesting to us anymore. We moved on to college basketball, We Boolieve and the rest of the season.

You see, here is where I would normally write a few paragraphs incorporating buzzwords like Twitter, shortened attention spans, the current generation, 24-hour news media cycle etc. But fortunately, Forbes has already done so for me! So go read that, pontificate about what #Linsanity “really means”. What it means here at The Diss. is that we got bored of our own bracket. But get excited, because the NBA Facial Hair Bracket is coming soon!

Oh yeah, Super Lintendo won. Jeremy Lin’s new nickname is Super Lintendo. For those hoping to get on TV, I’d go with:

Super Lintendo

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