Fantasy Basketball: The Worst

One of the greatest perks of being a writer for The Diss is access to the always-entertaining listserv. Sure, occasionally some sort of semi-important announcements are made, but for the most part it’s congenial banter and jokes at each others expense.

But it’s that time of year again. We’re but a mere 15 days away from opening tip, and basketball fans across the nation are licking their chops for the chance to see JUST how wrong we were in our draft pick analysis.

And then…

I knew it was coming….

I could feel it…

Subject: Fantasy

Message: Shouldn’t we organize some sort of fantasy league for The Diss?

Nothing upsets me more than the notion that just because I’m an avid sports fan, I’m automatically a fantasy basketball/football/baseball fan. Actually one thing does upset me more – when writers use extreme hyperbole in their articles for dramatic effect. Hacks.

But in all honesty, not only do I really not enjoy “playing” fantasy-basketball, but I also think it cheapens the entire NBA experience.

You know why people “play” fantasy basketball? Because they can’t deal with having a hobby that doesn’t directly relate back to themself.

Basketball at the professional level is a thing of beauty. Dynamic strategy, athleticism, gamesmanship, and high-pressure-execution are displayed nightly throughout the season for the fans’ viewing pleasure.

Then comes my favorite part. We can talk about it! We second-guess coaching decisions, marvel over the best individual performances, and gloat over anything we deem gloat-able. We send texts, we read blogs, we follow experts on twitter. We enjoy, respect, and honor the game of basketball.

But for these ungrateful fantasy nerds, that’s simply not enough. They CRAVE more personal involvement. I am an unapologetic, overly optimistic Warriors fan. I use the term “we” when talking about whether or not the Dubs won or lost and have no problem doing so. However, I’m fully aware that I ultimately have NO effect or personal relationship with the team or organization. And I’m ok with that. That’s how it works – this whole, being a fan thing.

When you have a fantasy team, you’re forced to care about the personal stats of players you really don’t (and frankly shouldn’t) care about. You pigeon hole yourself into viewing a basketball game, not for the joy of watching the best players in the world compete at the highest level, but to ensure you gain 4.8 fantasy points in your trivial work league. You’re missing the entire point of sports in general; to enjoy and respect the artistic display of competition.

Instead of spending time setting your fake roster, or proposing fake trades, read or write something about your team. Talk with someone about something interesting you noticed. Understand the beauty in having a hobby that doesn’t have to directly rely on YOU.

Oh, and go Giants!

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