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Monday Media: The Kawhi Leonard Conundrum Deconstructed

In response to last week’s piece on the pervasiveness of racism in basketball writing, many people—including the author himself—questioned my analysis of Andrew Sharp’s piece on Kawhi Leonard. This makes me very happy. I’m glad people are discussing what I … Continue reading

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Roy Hibbert’s Other Stupid Comment

In the wake of Roy Hibbert’s thoroughly regrettable post game press conference, most of the attention has been paid to his “no homo” comment, and rightfully so. Despite what the bizarrely motivated homophobic lobby would lead you to believe (I … Continue reading

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Your Favorite Basketball Writer Is Probably a Little Bit Racist

Today’s big basketball-related internet controversy surrounds comments Bill Simmons made on The B.S. Report, his weeklyish podcast. Specifically, about nine minutes in, Simmons said the following about the city of Memphis: I didn’t realize the effect [the assassination of Dr. … Continue reading

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Monday Media: Doin’ It in the Park

Let May 17th forever be known as the day you failed me. “Me? What did I do? I don’t even know you.” Good point. By “you” I mean the collective audience of people reading this blog, people that write blogs, … Continue reading

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Monday Media: The Real Problem with NBA Awards Voting is the Voters, not the Process

Finally. Finally a recognition of the absurdity of NBA awards voting is spreading. Yesterday the NBA announced what everybody already knew would happen: LeBron James won his second straight MVP award. The surprising news was that James won near-unanimously, with … Continue reading

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Monday Media: Cautiously Optimistic About ESPN Forecast

A few weeks ago ESPN debuted ESPN Forecast, a panel of 216 ESPN employed or affiliated basketball experts. ESPN Forecast is an attempt by the worldwide leader to institutionalize the wildly popular NBA Summer Forecast and #NBArank features. Instead of … Continue reading

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Monday Media: More Memes, Less Words from USA Today

USA Today, furthering their meteoric rise in digital sports media, launched their latest site For The Win this morning. For The Win’s introductory post is full of 2013 phrases like “shareable” and “social sports”, while an interview with USA Today … Continue reading

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