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The Pitfalls of Liberation.

One of FreeDarko’s most salient points, and an idea that we focused heavily on during FreeDarko week, was the concept of liberated fandom, which privileges individualism, style and watchability over institutional and geographic allegiances.  The articulation of this concept was … Continue reading

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The Mind Does Roam.

There comes a time during the three-week war of attrition that is the NBA finals that I just get bored.  And when I get bored, my mind begins to wander. This may seem blasphemous.  A wandering mind, during the finals? … Continue reading

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Why Do I Care: The Fan as General Manager

I want to write an article about the drama between Derek Fisher, Billy Hunter and the National Basketball Players Association, but every time I scratch out a few paragraphs I abandon them. Here at The Diss., we are trying to … Continue reading

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Have Your Cake: Confessions of a Liberated Spurs Fan.

You’re here for FreeDarko week, aren’t you?  When it closed its doors in early 2011 it was like getting neglected, thrown out alone and cold, except that out was a desert, cold was actually fire and brimstone, and neglected meant … Continue reading

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