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That Unfamiliar Feeling.

Today, I am awash with an unfamiliar feeling.  I am fully aware of the cause, but unsure about how to resolve it. Last night the Golden State Warriors lost big to the Clippers.  Lost huge to the Clippers.  The final … Continue reading

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Diss Guy Miss Guy Vol. 21

Diss Guy: J.R. Smith It’s been a busy week in the real world, and I haven’t had much time to watch much ball (save the Warriors).  But I did manage to catch a little bit of the Knicks-Spurs matchup on … Continue reading

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OKCupid Season Preview: Los Angeles Clippers (#6)

My self-summary Hi! I’m Lob_City_33! I’m a 2013 KIA Optima! As a shiny, mid-sized economic sedan, I live a fairly straightforward but fulfilling life. I spend a fair amount of time zooming here and there, either on surface streets or … Continue reading

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Basketball? Basketball. BASKETBALL!!!!

Jesus that was a long offseason. I can’t tell you how happy I was to see people live-Tweeting the Celtics playing a goddamn game in Turkey. Sure, it’s a goddamn game in Turkey, but at least it is basketball! Slowly … Continue reading

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Wild Speculation and Outlandish Guesses: Scandal edition.

Our focus yesterday on the Penn State scandal naturally lead us to discuss similar scandals in the NBA.  Frank “Kevin” Mieuli, Jordan Durlester, Jason Arends and Alex Maki weigh in.  Let’s get to it. 1.  Do you feel the NCAA’s … Continue reading

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Games of the Week: Special Summer League Edition!

It’s summer league! I love Summer League.  Cheap reversible jerseys, high schoolish gyms, and unbelievable announcing gaffes.  And these players. And I’m not talking about the lottery picks.  I’m talking about the other dudes.  The faceless army of Summer League. … Continue reading

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The Week That Was: June 4-10, 2012.

The NBA finals is upon us, and certainly a moment too soon.  The offseason’s a week and a half away!  Now I’m missing those 16 games we lost to petty labor strife.  It’s too early to start looking forward to … Continue reading

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