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Extreme Player Movement is the NBA’s Fantasy Football

One of the contributors to the chokehold the NFL has as America’s favorite sport is fantasy football. Give or take a couple of million depending upon the source, somewhere around 30 MILLION people play fantasy football. The combination of almost … Continue reading

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It’s Okay to be a Sports Reporter

The New Republic senior editor Isaac Chotiner is not a sports journalist. That much is made clear—really, the only thing made clear—in his recent screed against sports journalists. If Chotiner were a sports journalist he might actually know what the … Continue reading

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How Much Should We Read into Fox Sports Hiring Adrian Wojnarowski?

Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski—the only person on earth possessing a supply of #WojBombs—has joined Fox Sports. Sort of. The press release says that he will contribute to Fox Sports 1’s Fox Sports Live (their version of SportsCenter), as well as … Continue reading

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This is What Structural Racism in the NBA Looks Like

While Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racist views and actions have been long known, this latest episode stands in stark contrast to an increasingly corporate, professionalized and streamlined NBA. The newest team owners are tech and finance moguls who … Continue reading

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How TMZ, Deadspin and ESPN Nailed the Donald Sterling Story

Raise your hand if you knew that TMZ had a sports vision. Hell, raise your hand if you can tell me anything about TMZ besides the fact that they publish celebrity gossip. There are many things to unpack regarding Donald … Continue reading

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Increased Transparency Has Revealed that Awards Voting is More Broken Than We Thought

The most fun sideshow of the playoffs is awards season, where seemingly every day a new award winner is announced. Nothing will top Dirk Nowitzki accepting the MVP trophy while his Mavericks were getting bludgeoned by the eight seed Warriors … Continue reading

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Why Does the NBA Execute a Broadcast Strategy that Harms the League?

Here in Washington D.C., the professional basketball team is heading back to the playoffs for the first time in six years. Their squad consists of youngsters brimming with potential and steely defensive veterans. It is led by a budding star … Continue reading

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