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The Hands of Melancholy

“The greatest madness a man can be guilty of in this life, is to let himself die outright, without being slain by any person whatever, or destroyed by any other weapon than the hands of melancholy.”  ― Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Don … Continue reading

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Hey baby, let’s talk about money

Pro sports have always been tied up in financials, but lately it seems like we’re all being knocked unconscious by the Million Dollar Dream, exhausted from money-talk, and eventually passed out in our living rooms while the pro sports monolith … Continue reading

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It’s still preseason. I have been toying around with that word, preseason. For instance, I was ordering a whole pizza at my local ‘ria the other day, and I told the young woman where was taking my  money, “Yeah, I … Continue reading

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A Sinister Selfie: the San Antonio Spurs and their Character Issues.

Thanks to Spurs guard Danny Green, a new word entered our lexicon this week: the holocaust selfie. Green, who was visiting the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe Information Center in Berlin, where the Spurs played a preseason game, … Continue reading

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Show Me Your Flair.

Media day has become known as the unofficial start of the NBA season, despite the fact that in most cases, the players haven’t even begun practicing with their teammates yet, and meaningless preseason games still are more than a week … Continue reading

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For Your Consideration: Kirk Snyder, Outlier.

Remember when Vince Carter jumped over the seven-foot French guy?  Even if you don’t, you’ve heard about it, and probably seen it no fewer than fifty to a hundred times. Remember when Kirk Snyder jumped over Von Wafer?  Unless you’re … Continue reading

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Your Annotated Smartphone Bathroom Reader for Tuesday, September 16th, 2014.

Fall is in the air. The offseason is slowly drawing to a close. White Fight, White Flight: The Atlanta Hawks and the Race Card Shrill Cosby VICE Sports A second wave of analysis about the Atlanta Hawks and their racist … Continue reading

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