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Why is it so hard to admit you suck?

One of the NBA’s most foundational qualities is how frequently the better team wins. While most American sports leagues—including the NBA to a lesser extent than the others—have chased parity as a way to keep fans of all teams engaged … Continue reading

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Let’s Stop Talking About Mark Jackson

The Mark Jackson debate is over, and there should be no more beating of this dead horse. Speaking at some boring venture capitalist meeting last week, Joe Lacob decided to finally dish on Jackson: I think [Kerr] will be great. … Continue reading

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Discomforting Blackness.

In October 2001, roughly six weeks after the September 11 attacks claimed nearly 3,000 lives, NBA players took the floor appearing in the same fashion they usually did — a uniform, nice sneakers, some flair — but with slight modifications … Continue reading

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GAMES OF THE WEEK 11/24/-11/30

Hello everyone! A PLEASURE to have you reading my column this week. There are going to be some good games on this week, I think! I haven’t really looked at the schedule yet. MONDAY: ORLANDO AT CLEVELAND 7PM EAST, 4PM … Continue reading

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Soft-core stats: Anthony Davis’s Magnetism

The age of next is now and his name is Anthony Davis. There’s a good chance you’ve either been asked or have contemplated: “Is there anyone I’d trade Anthony Davis for?” and an equally strong chance you said “No man, … Continue reading

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Birth of the Cool.

Recently, I started telling people that Salt Lake City had made its way on my radar as a place I’d consider moving when I’m done kicking rocks in my home-’burb and I decide to live paycheck-to-paycheck in another western American … Continue reading

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How The Player’s Association Can Win a Labor Stoppage in 2017

Last week I wrote about the various public statements Michele Roberts—the National Basketball Player’s Association (NBPA) new executive director—has made since being hired. I concluded that she was a good hire by the NBPA, and that if/when there is a … Continue reading

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