Mark Jackson, David Lee and the Yakety Sax Gang

The Golden State Warriors have received many well-deserved plaudits this year. Even after a recent five game losing streak, the Warriors look poised to post their second best record in the last twenty years. They have a potential top-10 player, an All-Star, their best center since Nate Thurmond, and a strong coach of the year candidate. Overblown panic from losing to Houston, Oklahoma City, Memphis, Dallas (all on the road, 4 games in 5 nights) and Houston notwithstanding, the Warriors are a legitimately good basketball team.


But after two months of great defense, and one month of acceptable defense, the Warriors “defense” has yet to show up in February. Whether it is blown rotations, late close-outs or slow transition defense, it has been an ugly mess. In fact, at times it has look like a, dare I say, slapstick affair. Enjoy.

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