Your Annotated Smartphone Bathroom Reader for Wednesday, September 24th, 2014.

So, about that new Warriors stadium…

NBA Media Day Preview
Corbin Smith

If Biscutball blows up, and Corbin Smith sheds his unwarranted veil of anonymity, many will point to this post — the NBA Media Day Preview — as the so-called “coming out party.” For several months now, Biscutball has been my “heir apparent to Basketbawful”; the only funny gonzo basketblog on the internet at this point. This post took Biscutball past the point of high-class carbon-copy, and into another realm altogether. It’s honestly best if you just read the post, and laugh to your heart’s content. Now that literally everything in the basketblogosphere is rooted in seriousness, this site is a necessary counterbalance.

League of Style (and other posts)
Noah Cohan
American Sports Narrative and the Fan Blog

I’d like to think that Kevin and I were among the first to look at FreeDarko critically, in an attempt to parse out what that project actually meant in the larger scheme of things. For many, FreeDarko was representative of something truly revolutionary; a movement that continues to inspire us to go deep on basketball for years on end. In that regard, Noah Cohan is doing the writ public at large an enormous service by using FreeDarko as the analytic linchpin in his dissertation on the American sports narrative and the fan blog. Cohan has been posting some flotsam and jetsam from the larger dissertation, and it has been a joy to read and discuss. From his work have come discussions on the efficacy of the positional revolution, the way formalization has changed the pursuit of blogging, and many other themes that presented themselves during the heyday — and the self-designed decline — of FreeDarko. I check back in here daily, and if you enjoyed FreeDarko like Kevin and I did, join in the discussion.

Anthony Randolph’s Long Road to China
Steven Lebron (aka Alex Wong)
VICE Sports

Anthony Randolph got the Diss treatment a few weeks ago, so I’m already in a Randolphian state of mind. As such, I definitely enjoyed this deep-dive into good Sir Anthony as he heads off to Russia, written excellently by Alex Wong (aka Steven Lebron). Truth be told, there wasn’t much here that wasn’t already visible with our own eyes, and Randolph didn’t seem to get too open and honest with Lebron/Wong. I would’ve liked more dirt on the Warriors; about the myriad of reasons it didn’t work out for Randolph in the NBA. But Randolph took the high road, and by all indications, seems to be enjoying himself in Russia. Good luck to Mr. Randolph; we all wish him the best.

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