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Russell Westbrook Fans: Stop Making Things Up

In picking over the wreckage of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s season, there is plenty of potential angles to chew on. Kevin Durant played pretty poorly. Kendrick Perkins is a terrible player and should be amnestied. Sam Presti traded James Harden … Continue reading

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The Disingenuous David J. Stern

Last night I attended an event billed as Behind the Scenes with NBA Commissioner David Stern. In a theater at the National Museum for the American Indian, I sat among a crowd that seemed to be half over the age … Continue reading

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An Ambivalent Rite of Autumn.

With the 2012-2013 season fully underway, fans can turn their attention to the various rites of autumn that accompany tip-off, the NBA’s harvest season.  There are many rites to choose from: taking lots on the futures endangered coaches, overreacting to … Continue reading

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Wild Speculation and Outlandish Guesses: WHY IS EVERYBODY YELLING?

It’s only the start of the NBA season and already people are yelling about a lot of stuff. Today the Discussants are accosted by one of those yellers. THE LAKERS ARE 1-3 THE ENTIRE IDEA WAS A SHAM! Jacob Greenberg: … Continue reading

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OKCupid Season Preview: Oklahoma City Thunder (#2)

My self-summary Ya, hallo. Ve are Lars and Hans, and ve, together, are ze Oklahoma City Thundah. And ve vill CRUSH YOU. Ve moved to zhis land in 2008, after some…shall ve say, complications vis our other business associates in … Continue reading

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Your Annotated Smartphone Bathroom Reader for Sunday, November 4, 2012.

Halloween is over, time to start thinking about Christmas right? While you ponder that, here are some of the articles we enjoyed most this week. CourtVision: The James Harden–Kevin Martin Shot-Chart Comparison Kirk Goldsberry Grantland There are many interesting questions … Continue reading

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Really, How Good is Russell Westbrook?

At the Blogs With Balls conference that I attended last weekend, advanced analytics frequently came up, and was the topic of an entire panel. As a proponent for and user of “beyond the boxscore” metrics to evaluate basketball players, I … Continue reading

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