Fan Cell Phone Photojournalism: Marcin Gortat Edition

With all due apologies to Bethlehem Shoals, Eric Freeman, and FreeDarko Week here at The Diss, I have breaking news to report from the North Star Building in Downtown Minneapolis. Yes, I’ve discovered the answer to one of life’s age-old questions: Does Marcin Gortat want Chinese for lunch today?
One of these things is not like the others

The short answer - no. Not from The Bamboo Garden. Despite winning Yelp reviews like, The prices here are right, you can eat a full meal for that $5 range, their food is subpar, Gortat was more than able to resist the temptation of a lo-mein combo platter, and marched onwards in the direction of the Baker Building, presumably in search of a pre-game meal with higher nutritional value.

In retrospect, I should have told him about Kramarczuk’s and Surdyk’s, two of my favorite Polish businesses, both less than a mile away! Hopefully, Marcin used that device that looks suspiciously like an iPad in his gargantuan right hand to look up a higher quality lunch spot after he walked out of sight. One can only hope he found corporate crowd favorites up the escalator like My Burger and Turkey To Go.

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