Jeremy Lin Nickname Bracketology: Championship Matchup

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - What’s that you say, you’ve heard whispers of real Bracketology lately? Smacketology? Nonsense. Just because you saw Joe Lunardi on SportsCenter yesterday discussing the “Last Four [L]In” doesn’t give you any right to ignore the hottest show in the French Quarter — I speak, of course, of the Diss’es Jeremy Lin Nickname Bracket. You don’t even need to be a hoity-toity ESPN [L]Insider (or a Wire fan) to appreciate our bracketology. Here at The Diss, we don’t hide our content behind a pay wall… although if you’re interested in paying for our content, by all means please leave a missive and your credit card and/or bank account number in the comments. We promise not to sell your information to third parties!

March Madness! Brought to you by Microsoft Paint!

Okay, okay - on to the championship matchup. Both finalist Lin monikers are here for a reason our “millennial” staff somehow failed to predict: good old 1990′s nostalgia. Third seeded Super Lintendo out of the Asian Stereotypes Region blew out staff favorite Lindustrial Revolution, proving for once and all that video games are more popular than the black lung
The synergy among the Diss’es bracket voters is frightening
On the left Linderella side of the bracket,  Jeremy finally met its match, and simply couldn’t stop ”The Big Four.” Leo, Raph, Mikey, and Donny came out on top and sent 6-seed Linja Turtle through to the ‘ship. The early money line has Super Lintendo at -250, but reportedly Cousin Sal and Bill Barnwell are recommending putting Linja Turtle in a three-team tease with Mitt Romney to win Super Tuesday and Jamal Crawford to be traded to the Timberwolves.  
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The beauty of this Jeremy Lin Nickname Bracket is that it’s up to you! Vote with just one click below, and we’ll bring you the results before the real bracketology starts on Selection Sunday. 

One final note. Jeremy Lin was born in 1988. I was born in 1988. I’m pretty sure this makes me the foremost expert on 1990′s pop-culture reference Jeremy Lin nicknames, and I’m picking Linja Turtle for the upset win. This may or may not have anything to do with the fact I spent hours playing with Donatello’s battle bike alone in my room because my parents wouldn’t buy me a Super Nintendo. That rumor is unconfirmed by my sources at this time.

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