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The Kings Are Alright

It has been a wild six months for fans of the Sacramento Kings. First came the near certainty that the team would be sold to Chris Hansen and moved to Seattle, followed by a furious fight by Kevin Johnson et … Continue reading

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Proxy War

Yesterday afternoon, Chris Hansen, the prospective owner of the Sacramento Kings who has every intention to relocate the franchise up north to Seattle, contacted his faithful followers sitting on the internet.  Hansen informed the masses that a priority wait-list had been … Continue reading

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There’s No Right Way to Save Your Team: Here We Stay, the Sacramento Kings, and the Faustian Bargains of the Modern NBA

One of the more under reported events of All-Star weekend is Commissioner David Stern’s State of the League address, where he typically unleashes a few stinging barbs and memorable sound bites. This year marked Stern’s final address, and unsurprisingly, Stern’s loquaciousness was … Continue reading

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Seattle Sonics Bandwagon Hipster FAQ

I received the following letter from Cammie Dodson, a Seattle resident: I’ve watched (and actually paid attention to) probably only one complete game of basketball in my life (go dubs!), but through a serendipitous combination of booze and stuffed-crust pizza, … Continue reading

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Talismans Against Loneliness

The potential death of the Kings — and the corresponding re-birth of the Sonics — can be best understood through the lens of a long-term, yet potentially compromised, relationship, settled by two but observed by many. Picture this: you and … Continue reading

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Monday Media: Get Educated About Relocation

Another day, another set of rumors surrounding the Sacramento Kings. Today’s rumor lays out the purported details of a Kings relocation to Seattle. And, in an effort to convince a potential local buyer that Sacramento has a viable market, Kings … Continue reading

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Diss Guy Miss Guy, Vol. 22

Diss Guys: Sacramento Kings Fans Depending upon which source you believe, a deal to sell (and subsequently move) the Sacramento Kings to a group of investors from the Seattle area is either a done deal, or the two parties haven’t … Continue reading

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