Monday Media: Get Educated About Relocation

Another day, another set of rumors surrounding the Sacramento Kings. Today’s rumor lays out the purported details of a Kings relocation to Seattle. And, in an effort to convince a potential local buyer that Sacramento has a viable market, Kings fans are pledging to buy season tickets under new ownership.

But how did we even get to this point in time? Why doesn’t Seattle have an NBA team, and why might Sacramento lose theirs? To answer these questions, it is best to turn to the silver screen.


Completed in 2009, a year after the Sonics moved to Oklahoma City, Sonicsgate serves as a damning indictment of everybody involved: Howard Schultz, Clay Bennett, Gregory Nichols, David Stern, the Washington State Legislature and more. Luckily for you, if you have an hour and a half to burn tonight, you can watch Sonicsgate for free on youtube.

Small Market, Big Heart

Not to be outdone, and sensing that grassroots support was perhaps the only way to keep the Kings in Sacramento, James Ham and crew put together Small Market, Big Heart. In contrast to Sonicsgate, Small Market, Big Heart sounds a much more optimistic because the team has yet to leave, and because we don’t have any antagonists to indict (though the Maloof Brother have no chance of coming out of this not smelling like shit). You can also watch Small Market, Big Heart for free on youtube, and we highly suggest you do so.

Stay tuned later this week for Bay Area native, closet Kings fan and former Seattle resident Jacob Greenberg‘s take on the respective franchises.

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Kevin “Franklin Mieuli” Draper was born and raised in Oakland, California, and loves it more than you can possibly imagine. Follow him on Twitter @TheDissNBA
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