Monday Media: Get Out Those Tissues Because Somebody Is Cutting Onions

A good mailing it in column is to write about bemoaning the lack of competitiveness and hate in the league these days. Just use any of these quotes:

  • “Larry Bird never would’ve accepted a smaller contract to play with Magic Johnson.”
  • “Michael Jordan never would’ve helped Charles Barkley off the floor.”
  • “In the 1970′s that wouldn’t have even been called a foul! Players are so soft these days.”
  • “I hate how there are AAU games and youth tournaments and all these guys are so friendly.”

Begrudgingly, maybe there is a bit of truth to this. I mean, isn’t part of the reason we are so fascinated by Kobe Bryant because of his near-homicidal devotion to winning? And isn’t part of the reason that it is so fascinating because it’s a trait absent in the rest of the NBA?

I don’t really have a strong opinion on the issue, I just know that I really enjoyed the moment below, and doubt that it would’ve happened in yesteryear’s toughness-obsessed league.

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Kevin “Franklin Mieuli” Draper was born and raised in Oakland, California, and loves it more than you can possibly imagine. Follow him on Twitter @kevinmdraper
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