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Your Daily Treaty of Sevres, Your Nightly Battle of Marathon.

One could argue that the history of the modern world has been dictated by the rise and fall of various empires in differing regions across the globe.  Conquest, coercion, colonialism, post-colonialism, and nationalism can all be tied to the rise … Continue reading

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Wild Speculation and Outlandish Guesses: Solve! That! Mess! Edition.

Now that we have begun the new year, excuses like “team x is still learning to play together” or “team y has had a difficult schedule” sound even flimsier than ever. There are some teams that were expected to contend … Continue reading

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Monday Media: Get Out Those Tissues Because Somebody Is Cutting Onions

A good mailing it in column is to write about bemoaning the lack of competitiveness and hate in the league these days. Just use any of these quotes: “Larry Bird never would’ve accepted a smaller contract to play with Magic … Continue reading

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Derek Fisher, it’s Time to Get Started.

For me, the iconic image of the lockout is the picture you see above.  It was taken on October 3, 2011, after the players had rejected another stingy offer from the league. The picture is surreal.   We see players … Continue reading

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Step Into My Cubicle, Royce.

Editor’s Note: I did not write this alone.  This was a result of many conversations over the past couple of days with colleagues, individuals managing mental illnesses themselves, and of course, basketball fans.  Confidentiality is important, and I won’t share … Continue reading

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Houston, We Have an Anxiety Disorder

By now, the wizardry of the Phoenix Suns training staff is well known. Like the mythical phoenix itself, old, seemingly broken down players find rejuvenation in the desert of Arizona. Whether prolonging Steve Nash’s peak or becoming a destination for … Continue reading

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OKCupid Season Preview: Dallas Mavericks (#10)

My self-summary I was an established, successful and hardworking team. Led by CEO Dirk Nowitzki, I posted a winning record every quarter since the 2000-01 season. I was a Marc Stein Power Rankings Top 10 team and was traded on … Continue reading

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