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Diss Guy Miss Guy, Volume 12

Diss Guy: Kenyon Dooling Because what they do is glamorized by society (including this lovely publication), it’s sometimes hard to remember that NBA players are just regular dudes that happen to be really good at throwing a spherical object into … Continue reading

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We Can’t All Be Supermen.

“Physiologists should think before putting down the instinct of self-preservation as the cardinal instinct of an organic being.  A living thing seeks above all to discharge its strength — life itself is will to power; self-preservation is only one of … Continue reading

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Wild Speculation and Outlandish Guesses: Phi Slamma Jamma Edition

How sick was Blake Griffin’s dunk over Kendrick Perkins? Supersick? Sicknasty? Sickalicious? Lucas Sokol-Oxman: Don’t get me wrong, Blake’s dunk last night was filthy, but how is everyone forgetting the night before LeBron jumped over an opponent on an alley-oop … Continue reading

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