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Diss Guy Miss Guy, Vol. 43

Diss Guy: David Stern I’ve criticized David Stern numerous times. If you go back into the lockout archives, I’m sure you can find places where Jacob or I called him not-very-nice names. What can I say, he was a driving … Continue reading

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Proxy War

Yesterday afternoon, Chris Hansen, the prospective owner of the Sacramento Kings who has every intention to relocate the franchise up north to Seattle, contacted his faithful followers sitting on the internet.  Hansen informed the masses that a priority wait-list had been … Continue reading

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Talismans Against Loneliness

The potential death of the Kings — and the corresponding re-birth of the Sonics — can be best understood through the lens of a long-term, yet potentially compromised, relationship, settled by two but observed by many. Picture this: you and … Continue reading

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The Disingenuous David J. Stern

Last night I attended an event billed as Behind the Scenes with NBA Commissioner David Stern. In a theater at the National Museum for the American Indian, I sat among a crowd that seemed to be half over the age … Continue reading

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Seattle Sonics Optimism Guide, Volume 4

If Woj is breaking it, it must be true. Right? Reports are just coming out on Twitter that the Maloof brothers have reached a deal with a buying group headed by hedge fund manager Chris Hansen and tech mogul Steve Ballmer … Continue reading

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Derek Fisher, it’s Time to Get Started.

For me, the iconic image of the lockout is the picture you see above.  It was taken on October 3, 2011, after the players had rejected another stingy offer from the league. The picture is surreal.   We see players … Continue reading

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Wild Speculation and Outlandish Guesses: Tip of the Iceberg Edition

With most teams about a fifth of the way through the season, we’re getting to the point where things can’t be dismissed as a result of a small sample size, and may just be the way things are. In this … Continue reading

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