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OKCupid Season Preview: Boston Celtics (#7)

My self-summary I’m just your average NBA Franchise born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. I’ve never moved, and despite growing up in the Boston area and having a bunch of success (see: 17 NBA Titles , most ever, but I’m … Continue reading

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Fortunate Moments for Unfortunate Franchises: The Minnesota Timberwolves and an Unlikely Hero

Editor’s Note: This is the last piece in our series of Fortunate Moments for Unfortunate Franchises until the NBA expands to Europe. You can expect the London Fire FMUF around 2022. In 1987 the NBA added four expansion franchises, making … Continue reading

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Minnesota’s Fate.

Editor’s Note: This is a guest piece by Omar Bagnied.  Omar is a frequent contributor to The Diss. ***** It’s been a rough couple decades for basketball in Minnesota.  It wasn’t always this way.  Back when the Lakers were in … Continue reading

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Hey Twitter, U mad?

  Following (pun intended) professional basketball has never been the same since Twitter was hatched and almost immediately took over the internet. Who would have thought that a website that lets any Schmo spew out 140 characters of expertise would … Continue reading

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