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Wild Speculation and Outlandish Guesses: What Have You Done for Me Lately?

After the resounding success of last week’s Solve! That! Mess!, we decided to play another game, this one called What Have You Done for me Lately? Jeremy Lin, what have you done for me lately? Jacob Greenberg: You’ve convinced me … Continue reading

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The Lakers Have No Clothes

This post is an adapted fairy tale By Hans Andrew Snyderrson (2012-2142) that was uncovered on a recent trip by time travel cadet Terry Porter, reporting from the future.  any, many years ago lived a baller, who thought so much of … Continue reading

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Time Cadet Terry Porter, Reporting from the Future.

  Editor’s Note: Given today’s surprise hire, we thought we’d revisit this piece by Time Cadet Terry Porter, originally posted on July 10, 2012. ***** Hi everyone, you may remember me.  My name is Terry Porter.  I was a solid … Continue reading

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A Dose of (Unwelcome) Sanity in the Linsane Asylum.

It’s a bit late in the evening, and I should be in bed, but something truly needs to be said about #Linsanity. Surely by now, you’ve heard of the multidimensional phenomenon that has quickly become known as #Linsanity.  If you … Continue reading

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Mike D’Antoni on Riding Jeremy Lin

“I’m riding him like freakin’ Secretariat,” D’Antoni said.

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